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Vision Nowhere

[Click here, to watch video edit.]

"Japan. Is there a single country that has become as iconic in the snow-riding world of late? Riding powder defines the winter experience and Japan, it seems, has it in spades. Light, dry, deep powder. And the best way to ride that powder is to find un-tracked lines by touring the country’s incredible terrain. Maude Raymond, Taylor Godber, Caley Vanular and Elena Hight did just that last winter and needless to say, they scored in the most spectacular way. Vision Nowhere is a short film, the love child of that trip where the ladies utilized our favourite form of winter transportation: ski and snowboard touring" - The Inertia

Produced By: Carlo L. Mion

Riders: Taylor Godber, Maude Raymond, Elena Hight, Caley Vanular

Supported By: Tourism Niseko, Ski Japan, Niseko United, MAAD


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