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  • Taylor Godber

For love of the shred: thoughts.

If it brings you happiness, I believe that’s purpose enough. There’s a funny pressure to “do more” and make an impact. To start up a business model that will save the world. And kudos to those that do! But the conversation that I hear more often than not, is a sense of disempowerment as people don’t feel like they can contribute enough & their metric to enough is attached to grandiose public displays of involvement to change. It is a good question to ask, “am I doing enough?” along with, “what can I do to contribute more?” And while we mull over the blueprints of how we will save all the dogs, solve world hunger, clean the oceans, and create world peace, it’s important to keep the vibe high. As our energy in the day to day is what drives these passion projects. It connects us directly to the things that we really do give a fuck about, things we want to save. And in the simplest of forms, if we all participated more in activities that make our hearts churn with good vibes and bring ear to ear grins with bursts of laughter to our beings, well that would be significant shift in how we operate in our day to day. That would for sure create a positive impact on ourselves and everything around us. By filling our cup up, we can give more! Most noticeably when things don’t go as planned, how we hold ourselves in unanticipated traffic, when the airline misplaces our bags, when the dog shits on the floor, when the plow blocks us in with a wall of snow. That fuel of feel goodness allows a buffer between our abilities to make conscious decisions & our awareness to choose an action in contrast to a reaction. We become better people. We vibrate in much more approachable and radically awesome way. We directly bring more happiness to the world. That’s right I said it, snowboarding makes you a better person ;) What activity lights you up? What brings you happiness? Do more of that. Know that by doing that you are contributing to the positive shift as well. And then kickass with whichever passion project your heart feels called to.

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