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  • Taylor Godber

My contemporary winged unicorn: thoughts.

This photo in a hilarious way kind of sums up the closest version of living out one of my childhood dreams—hanging out with Shera the Princess of Power & riding her winged unicorn.

How funny it is to reminisce about the dreams we had as kids, the things we were totally drawn to when we didn’t know how to put a filter on our imaginations. As well as the environments that influenced us.

Thanks to whoever created ‘Masters of the Universe’ animated tv show & for creating a strong female for little girls to look up to. And to my Mom, for being a badass, she’s a superhero for sure, my memories bounce between her chopping wood, building things around the house, crocheting her own wedding dress, and making the best rhubarb muffins—Jane of all trades. *

It’s an ever evolving wish to inspire other girls & women in the same way. Both power and grace can coexist. And to spread the word that flying unicorns totally exist !

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