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  • Taylor Godber

Coconut + date bites

Winter snacks for adventures in the great outdoors

These two bite snacks are my go to for long days out in the elements. The sweetness of the date, combined with the creamy richness of the coconut oil equal an indulgent dessert flavour, yet they are loaded with complex carbs and health fats, they are good for you!

Healthy calorie dense bite size energy snacks for long days in the backcountry.

This recipe was adjusted from a Naturopathic Physician friend Dr.Kaylee Dreidger her recommendation is to stir in some greens mix with the coconut oil, which up levels these treats even more.

Coconut + date bites


  • Dates, 12 pitted

  • coconut oil, 3 tbsp not melted


  1. Peel dates in half with a knife carefully. Remove stem and pit, if necessary.

  2. Fill inside of date with coconut oil.

  3. Fold date back together.

  4. Freeze for a few hours. *I like to store them here. Other options:

  5. Dip in almond butter. These aren't ideal for backcountry travel, but nice to have in the freezer for an at home snack or midday pick-me-up, or before a workout.

  6. Take Dr.Kaylee's recommendation and mix in some greens mix powder into the coconut oil before filling the dates.

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