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Photo: Ilanna Barkusky


One of my love languages is sharing food with others. I'm passionate about bringing people together around the table, creating opportunities to share great ideas and connect. I gush over local markets while travelling; cruising the stands for fresh ingredients, local produce, and indulging in new flavours and cuisine. 

Finding ways to take favourites, maybe otherwise un-healthy comforts, and making them healthy is one of my favourite things to do.

I believe nutrient rich food to be medicine, that it should be accessible to all, and easy to prepare. Looking forward to sharing a meal with you that is made with love.

Plant-focused Chef 

-Certified Raw Food Chef

-Plant-based Menu Consultant

-Recipe Developper 
-Healthy Lifestyle Advocate & Educator


-Health & wellness retreat catering

-Plant based menu consultations 
-Private dinners

Consciously sourced ingredients from seed to plate to respect and nurture the environment and others.

My story
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