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"May you always pursue the narrow path. A life that calls for something more. And not perfection, but fullness. Something deeper, beyond the shore"- Morgan Harper Nichols

One of my biggest fears isn't death itself, but to arrive at my final day feeling that I hadn't lived life to the fullest and that I hadn't had a positive impact on the world. 


So here I am, doing my best to experience a series of incredible days - exploring the mountains, oceans, forests, and human consciousness - to make up a truly savoured existence, with as much love and compassion as possible.

My wish with the content on this platform, is that it contributes to helping make the world a better place. Be it a recipe to empower healthier eating choices; a story to help support mental health; or imagery with the friendly reminder to get out and enjoy the gift that is this life; along with all sorts of other things in-between.

So much love,


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