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  • Taylor Godber

Vipassana: thoughts.

Vipassana || 3 days of tilling through 84 000 thoughts/day. Deciding which ones get permission to charge forward into action, reaction, or 1000’s more supporting thoughts and which ones get none of the energy.

Making space in the chaos of the monkey mind. Maybe it could be of benefit to have a little more wiggle room.

More space to sit and really enjoy food. More space to be conscious of what we are putting in our bellies & where it came from. More space to listen to the words in a conversation with a friend. More space to really truly engage with time spent with our partners. More space to choose our words before we react. More space to let the creativity flow through whatever medium we choose. More space to forgive ourselves and others. More space to be emphatic and compassionate to everything living around us. More space to let go senseless freezing fears. More space to enjoy every step, every turn, every glide, every paddle, every wave. More space to not take things so seriously. More space to let go of limiting beliefs holding you back from awesomeness. More space to enjoy all the fucking awesome stuff this life has to offer and more space to handle the unfortunate stuff with as much ease and grace as possible.

Thank you @soularchyoga for holding space & sharing your knowledge. And thanks to the Hermitage for facilitating the 60 acre organic sanctuary for the retreat to take place at.

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